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Mayor George Stewart, whose unilateral decisions to close many city recreation operations on Sundays earned him criticism and the nickname "King George," has announced he won't seek a second term.

Stewart cited family, health and financial reasons. His term expires at the end of 1997.Stewart announced his decision privately with department heads and members of the City Council last week. He said the long hours, constant meetings and ceremonial functions required by the job have taken a toll on his family over the past 21/2 years.

"I've always been a workaholic, but I've never done anything that takes the amount of time that this position takes," Stewart said. "It's like being the CEO of a $90 million corporation."

Stewart, 56, recently began taking medication for high blood pressure - something he attributes to the demands on his time, acrimony with the council and stress of the job.

By declaring early his intention not to run, Stewart hopes to depoliticize issues like resolving the fate of Academy Square and bringing professional baseball and a mall to Provo. He also thinks his relations with his opponents on the council could improve.