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The White House Saturday said President Clinton and his wife were "bending over backward" to resolve all lingering Whitewater issues, prompting them to pay taxes they were no longer liable for.

The Clintons earlier this month made a "voluntary contribution" of $2,910 to the federal goverment to make up for deductions taken in 1984, 1987 and 1988 that independent tax examiners found were not permissible.Although the statute of limitations had already expired, the Clintons paid $1,283 in federal taxes they should have paid in the three years cited and an additional $1,627 in interest penalties.

The Clintons are "bending over backwards as this matter finally comes to a close to answer all remaining legitimate questions," said Deputy White House Counsel Mark Fabiani.

"We wanted to put all of the issues related to taxes to rest," he said, adding that the auditors "found that the vast majority of the tax-related Whitewater matters were entirely appropriate . . . but in three places they found errors and we've corrected those errors even though there was no obligation to do so."

The reviewers challenged a $144 deduction taken in 1984 for real estate interest and one taken in 1987 for $1,665. The also said a capital gain of $1,673 should have been reported in 1988.

The amount of tax liability falls substantially below the $13,000 estimate made last year by the House Banking Committee, which has been looking into the Whitewater land dealings of the Clintons during the 1980s.

Fabiani said that under the revisions, the Clinton should have paid $455 in taxes to the state of Arkansas but because "there is no vehicle for doing that," they instead donated that amount to Arkansas Children's Hospital.