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Eric Clapton's London mansion was badly damaged in an apparent electrical fire, and the rock legend known as "Slow Hand" had to act quickly to save his prized guitars.

Clapton said he returned Saturday night to find the three-story mansion in west London's Chelsea section - one of three homes he owns - ablaze."I came back from a day out, opened the front door and smoke billowed out," Clapton said. "The first thing I did was grab my guitars. None of them was damaged."

He didn't say how many guitars are in his collection.

Firefighters believe a faulty lighting circuit in the ceiling was to blame for the fire, which gutted much of the top floor and also damaged the second floor.

Calamity is nothing new to Clapton. In 1991, his 5-year-old son Conor died after falling out of the window of his mother's New York apartment. The tragedy inspired the Clapton hit "Tears in Heaven."