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In any normal business based on honest principles, the cost of doing business goes down with an increase in business volume. This is not true for the cost of gasoline, for the simple reason that the market price is controlled by a few powerful moguls who follow a price fixing agreement that would be illegal in any usual American market. OPEC sets the world price based upon what they consider the market will bear. World oil production far exceeds world oil consumption.

The recent jump in gasoline price has no basis in honest fact. The oil companies try to convince the public that cost goes up with an increase in use. This is never true in any market based upon true market competition.If you have difficulty believing oil is a controlled market, why does it suddenly cost more to produce and sell gasoline just a few days before any major holiday ? They raise the price because they know they can get away with the farce. How un-American and downright dishonest.

Where are the watchdogs of price fixing ? This is clearly "antitrust" and should be handled according to well-established law.

Arthur W. Swartz

Salt Lake City