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This city has been very fortunate in the past, having one of Davis County's lowest property rates, thanks to RC Willey Home Furnishings - a powerhouse sales tax revenue source. However, in planning the 1996-97 budget, city officials are being conservative in their sales tax projections because of the opening of a new RC Willey store in the area.

A Riverdale RC Willey store has now opened, and Syracuse City Manager Mike Moyes has figured about $40,000 less in sales tax revenue because of the possible reduction in business at the Syracuse store."We anticipate it will affect us," Moyes said.

Although the city only budgeted for $515,000 in sales tax revenue for the current year's budget, Moyes said the strong economic year means the city will actually end up with $643,000.

This year's total budget of $1.38 million is up almost 9 percent over the current year, and $135,000 of that is planned for various road projects.

Moyes said $75,000 is set aside for the purchase of land for a new city park. Although an exact location has not been determined, he said the south side of Syracuse is where a park is needed and that's where the city will be looking to buy.

"The majority of the city's current growth is on the south side," Moyes said. "But there's no park there."

Another capital improvement project is $260,000 for a new city maintenance facility.

"We've outgrown the current facility next to the cemetery," Moyes said. "We haven't even got enough space there to stockpile sand."

Because of the city's steady subdivision growth, the new budget also includes funds to hire a full-time city planner. Syracuse got its first traffic signal late last year and that, coupled with a planner, means the city is coming of age.

Moyes said the new budget also includes the purchase of a new police car and two new utility trucks.

The only fee or tax increase planned is a $1-a-month rise in sewer fees - effective July 1. This is a pass-through cost the city must charge because of a rate increase of $1 a month by the North Davis Sewer District for its own expansion projects.



Budget: Syracuse

General fund: $1.38 million


General fund: $1.17 million


Where it comes from:

Sales tax: $580,000

Last year: $515,000

Property tax: $97,000

Last year: $90,000

Franchise tax: $4,200

Last year: $4,000

Building permits: $5,000

Last year: $4,500

Where it goes:

Police: $263,000

Last year: $236,000

Fire: $107,000

Last year: $122,000

Recreation: $72,000

Last year: $64,000

Public works: $300,000

Last year: $235,000

Parks: $128,000

Last year: $109,000

Tax/fee increases:

$1-per-month increase in sewer fees.