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Though Miep Gies was only able to prolong Anne Frank's life for a couple of years, she's kept her memory alive for half a century.

The white-haired woman, who sheltered Anne Frank and her family during World War II and saved the young girl's diary for the world, will visit Salt Lake City in June. Gies and Cornelis Suijk, international director of the Anne Frank Center, will speak at the University of Utah Ballroom Saturday, June 8, at 7 p.m.Gies, born in Austria in 1909 but raised in Holland, was a staunch opponent of Hitler and Nazis. She helped hide the Franks and other Jewish families from the Gestapo.

On Aug. 4, 1944, Dutch and German police raided the secret annex and arrested those who had hidden there for two year. Shortly after, Gies found Anne Frank's diary and family photos scattered across the attic floor.

"I was grateful that I could save Anne's diary. I was looking forward to her joy when I could give it to her," Gies said.

She never had the chance to return the diary to Anne, since both Anne and her sister Margot died in March 1945 of typhus. When Otto Frank returned to Amsterdam she presented him with his daughter's diary. "The Diary of Anne Frank" was published two years later. The book, which put a face to the 6 million Jewish Holocaust victims, has since been read by tens of millions.

Tickets to hear Gies speak are available at Smith'sTix outlets and are $17.70 for adults and $12.70 for students and children. All proceeds go to the "Anne Frank in the World" exhibit, which will be coming to Utah later this year.