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I would like to express appreciation to the Bountiful City Police Department and particularly to officer Doug Garcia.

Due to several negative experiences with other police departments I had become rather cynical of police in general. Our experience in Bountiful restored my faith.During a recent crisis a friend persuaded me to contact the police for help. I resisted at first, feeling that the crisis would be treated as trivial in comparison to severe crime problems. Everyone at the Bountiful Police Department, however, showed sincere interest and genuine concern. When Garcia was assigned to our case we knew our prayers had been answered. He took time to listen and understand our problem. His concern did not end when his shift ended. He checked in with us from his home to keep us informed on how the case was progressing and followed through personally until the problem was solved. Officer Garcia demonstrated an exemplary balance of patience and firmness. His unshakable determination to pursue correct principles was indispensable to solving our problem.

My experience with Officer Garcia and the Bountiful Police Department has convinced me that there are indeed caring individuals and worthy public servants. I hope we as citizens can demonstrate greater appreciation for, cooperation with, and support of our Bountiful Police Department.

Rob Allred