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Felix Urioste, who once lived as a woman and duped a man into marrying him, is settling into a new life as a man, his attorney says.

Marlin Criddle said Urioste, 35, is living with his sister in New Mexico, working construction, preparing to attend school, seeing a therapist and seeking to legally change his name to Steven Jiron.However, Criddle hesitated Wednesday when asked whether Urioste, who spent most of the past 20 years living as a woman, is happy in his new life.

"I can't honestly say he will continue to live as a man," he said.

Urioste, who lives in Las Vegas, could not be reached for comment.

Criddle said he had not seen a report by New Mexico probation officials, filed last week in 2nd District Court, saying they would not supervise Urioste on probation. They said he was not meeting certain conditions, including having a job.

But Criddle said the report was prepared only three weeks after Urioste arrived at his sister's home in mid-March, and Urioste is now complying with the conditions.

He said Urioste will reapply for supervision by New Mexico probation officers. If they again refuse, he may have to return to 2nd District Court in Farmington to face his sentencing judge.

Urioste was accused last year of pretending to be a pregnant woman in order to dupe Bruce Jensen of Bountiful into marriage, then running up more than $40,000 in credit-card bills. Bountiful police said Urioste used numerous male and female aliases while living and attending school in Utah.

He pleaded guilty to felony counts of communications fraud and forgery and was released March 14 from the Davis County Jail after completing seven months of a one-year jail term.

His sentence included three years of probation. Judge Rodney S. Page allowed him to return to his native New Mexico on the condition officials there agreed to supervise him.

They refused, their report said, because Urioste was unemployed, not in school and didn't have proper identification in his own name.

Criddle said Urioste is being paid in cash for construction work but admitted Urioste's employer's phone was disconnected. He said Urioste will switch jobs if necessary to satisfy probation officers.

The attorney said Urioste also will begin classes June 3 at a vocational school and will obtain a driver's license and birth certificate in the name of Steven Jiron. Jiron was the last name of Urioste's late father.

Criddle said Urioste talked about his new life in a recent interview with the television show Inside Edition, for which he received another $2,500. That brings his total earned from selling his story to $8,000, which is paid into a state victims' fund and given to Jensen.

Jensen's annulment from Urioste remains stalled over how much each man should pay for marital debts totaling about $57,000, Criddle said. Urioste was ordered to pay $10,000 in the criminal case, leaving the rest to be worked out in the annulment.