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Around the world

MINE: Two Russian soldiers died and a third was wounded on Wednesday when a remote-controlled mine blasted an armored personnel carrier in Grozny, a local interior ministry official in the Chechen capital said. Amirbek Taromov said at the scene of the blast in the city center that the mine had been deliberately detonated as the APC carrying interior ministry troops drove past.

HUMAN RIGHTS: Sudan's government has systematically harassed, arrested and tortured opponents to its seven-year campaign to impose Islamic rule in one of Africa's most diverse countries, two leading human-rights groups said Wednesday in Cairo, Egypt. The campaign has paralleled the government's pursuit of victory at all costs in a civil war in the South, including tacit acceptance of slavery and kidnapping by government-backed militias, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch-Africa said in separate reports.

Across the nation

NO BEAR: A teenager whose charity-funded hunting trip angered animal-rights activists failed to bag a bear in Alaska, a leader of the Make-A-Wish Foundation said in Fridley, Minn. The hunting part of 17-year-old Erik Ness' trip ended over the weekend, and he is enjoying fishing and sightseeing with his family, said Karla Blomberg, president of the foundation's Minnesota chapter.

FOUND: A 14-year-old girl survived two days in Yosemite National Park by using trees and rocks for shelter at night and sleeping only during the day. Ashleigh Wiggins, a high school freshman in nearby Fresno, was found by searchers combing an isolated area of the park Tuesday afternoon. Wiggins, who was wearing jeans, a T-shirt and a sweat shirt to ward off cold, said she survived freezing nighttime temperatures by staying awake. "When the sun came out, it got warmer and I did sleep," she said.