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Police have the car but still no arrests in a Memorial Day shooting involving alleged rival gangsters that critically injured a Salt Lake man.

Four men, believed to be members of a predominantly black gang, pulled up next to a parked car at a North Redwood convenience store, and began shooting at the driver, who's believed to be associated with a predominantly Hispanic gang. The driver of the parked car was hit in the neck with one of more than 20 rounds fired from the Toyota Supra carrying the suspects.The victim, 25-year-old Celestino Torres, remained in critical condition at an area hospital Wednesday morning.

The two gangs have been fighting for more than a year and a half. Their rivalry peaked with the fatal shootout between two teens in the parking lot of a Rose Park grocery store in 1994. It is one of the more deadly rivalries between gangs in Utah.

A tip led officers to the car used in the attack, which had been abandoned near 1400 West and 450 North, just blocks away from the shooting at 676 N. Redwood Road, said Salt Lake Police Lt. Phil Kirk.

Salt Lake police are also investigating another shooting where the suspected gunmen match the description of the gunmen in Monday's earlier shooting.

Witnesses said two men walked up to a house near 1300 West and Mead Avenue (980 South) and fired as many as 20 rounds through a basement bedroom window.

Kim Palau, 18, received a superficial cut wound on the hand from flying shrapnel. His sister, who lives above, said she didn't know what prompted the shooting.

"I have no idea why this would happen," Viola Palau said. "This is the first time for us . . . to have shots through the home. We are very surprised. It's very frightening and scary."

Kirk said detectives have "some very strong leads as far as suspects are concerned, and it's just a matter of locating them for us to make the arrests."