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It should be no surprise to learn that a group of gay, lesbian, bisexual Republicans disagreed with everything Sen. Craig Taylor represented in conjunction with the passage of Senate Bill 1003 (generally known as SB246), the so-called gay-club bill.

Drafting it in secret and holding it until the last minute was wrong. Not having hearings on the bill and making senators vote on something they hadn't read was wrong. Adding anti-gay legislative intent language was wrong. The premise of the bill was wrong. The effects of the legislation, if upheld, will be wrong.In the next breath we want to compliment him on the way he handled the debate. He was sincere in what he was trying to accomplish, however wrongheaded the effort. Unfortunately the legislation will harden the hearts and heads of high school classes of '96, '97, and '98. The language he used in debate and generally on the issue was sensitive and moderate. Utah Log Cabin Republicans urged no action on the bill to avoid an ugly debate surrounding the bill. He mostly avoided ugliness in his discourse.

As Republicans we wish the federal and state governments had let the government closest to the people and who have the responsibility to look after our schools, the school boards, handle this problem individually and quietly.

The next step is the courts. We are sorry that it will come to that. The legal fees could have been better spent than to pay a lawyer to defend this unnecessary legislation.

DJ Thompson

Salt Lake City