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Several Bluffdale residents say they have no idea where their property lines are and they blame mayor and surveyor Lee Wanlass.

The residents have ripped out fences, replaced them and demolished them again to mollify angry neighbors with competing surveys that differ from their plat maps.Though not licensed, Wanlass has been doing surveys for years that some property owners say are flawed.

The mayor works as surveyor with his son Stephen Wanlass, who also is not licensed. A partner who is licensed as a surveyor signs off on their work.

Surveyors are required to be licensed by the state every other year. Lee Wanlass and his business, BLS Associates, were cited last year for surveying without a license and without a licensed surveyor's direct supervision. The mayor did not contest the charges and paid a $400 fine. The state Department of Commerce ordered him to cease and desist.

Despite the order and lack of license, Wanlass continues to survey properties, the critics say. The mayor claims 40 years of experience, says his work is accurate and legal and dismisses his critics.

"These people know as much about my work as I do about plumbing," Wanlass said. "And that isn't much."

He contends the complaints are coming from residents who balk at city ordinances and zoning regulations.

City Recorder Connie Rice said Wanlass had surveying contracts with the city, but those jobs ended several years ago.