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I am a Republican state delegate. As such, I was called on yesterday by Mills Crenshaw, who urged me to support Merrill Cook.

Mills said that Todd Neilson wholeheartedly supports light rail, when Todd certainly does not. Mills said that Todd Neilson was an insider and party elitist, when anyone in the party at any level can tell you that's ridiculous. Mills also told me that Merrill was the only candidate that could keep the seat in Republican hands. When I laughed in protest, Mills Crenshaw actually said that he had spoken to the Republican National Committee and that they had told him it was Cook or a Democrat. I encourage everyone to call the RNC at 202-863-8500 and ask them about Crenshaw's claim. But be careful, they'll probably laugh at you.I don't know how many other delegates Mills reached, but I want the entire 2nd District to know that I know Neilson personally. Neilson's character and honesty are beyond reproach. Todd is an outstanding citizen and leader who is willing to give something back to the community he grew up in and loves. And he has always been Republican.

Dorothy Carleson