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An undercover Drug Enforcement Agency officer shot at a man who tried to rob him at gunpoint Thursday night.

The officer, who was in an unmarked car, was stopped near 1300 South and 700 East just after 9:30 p.m. when a masked man jumped out of a white truck and told the officer to give him his wallet.The officer then pulled out his gun and fired three times at the man.

Salt Lake City Police Lt. Steve Diamond said the DEA officer didn't know whether his gunfire hit the man, who jumped into the back of the truck after the shooting and sped away.

Shortly after the shots were fired, a woman was stopped at the intersection of 700 East and 1300 South when a man forced his way into her car and ordered her to drive to 400 S. 600 East.

The incidents "could be connected," Diamond said.

Police didn't have a description of the suspect or the driver of the truck.

Officers searched the area for the men Thursday night to no avail. Salt Lake City Police detective Ray Dalling said the investigation is continuing.

The DEA will conduct its own internal investigation into whether the officer should have fired his weapon, Diamond said.

DEA official Scott Meadows did not return phone calls Friday.