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A woman was attacked Thursday on the same elementary school walkway where a girl was threatened last month.

The woman was walking on the walkway at about 7450 S. Redwood Road when a man grabbed her just after 11 a.m.A West Jordan police dispatcher said the man walked up behind the woman and grabbed her and ran away. Police in the area responded, but no one was arrested.

The walkway runs west from Majestic Elementary School, 7430 S. 1700 West, to a neighborhood near 1975 West.

Last month, the girl was walking alone on the walkway when a man approached her and threatened her with a knife. The girl was able to run to the school and get away from the man.

The school's principal said after the girl was approached on the walkway, letters were sent home to parents asking them to see that their children walked to school in groups.

The girl who was attacked had been walking alone on the walkway because she was late for school, said Principal Norm Springer.

"The police have been patrolling it. We've talked with the community about it," Springer said. "But, we can't patrol it all day long."

Jill Wallace's children attend Majestic Elementary and she says she and her neighbors never received the warning letter.

Although her children haven't run into any trouble on the walkway, Wallace says she's nervous.

"The whole neighborhood is pretty upset," said Wallace. "This is too scary."