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A Duchesne County man was arrested over the weekend and charged with causing injuries to his 3-month-old daughter that may have left her with permanent brain damage.

Jeremi J. Bird, 20, was charged with child abuse, a second-degree felony.The allegations stem from an April 28 incident, when Bird was home watching his infant daughter while his girlfriend was shopping, said investigating Duchesne County deputy sheriff David Boren. The couple took the baby to the hospital later that day because she was having a hard time breathing and appeared limp, said Boren.

The child was transferred to Primary Children's Medical Center. Doctors notified law enforcement officials that they suspected the infant had been abused.

Medical reports confirmed the baby sustained broken ribs, as well as retinal hemorrhaging in the eyes and a subdural hematoma on the brain, causing irreversible brain damage. The injuries are consistent with "shaken baby syndrome," Boren said.

Bird denies hurting the child, and said she sustained the injuries when she accidentally fell out of her crib on April 28.

Bird was arrested May 18 at Primary Children's Medical Center on a warrant out of Duchesne County. Adult Parole and Probation also served Bird with a warrant for probation violations on an earlier theft and burglary conviction. Bail has been set at $10,260. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 10.