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Mascot: Grizzly

Location: West JordanDate of graduation: June 6

Theme of graduation: "Remember me this way"

Number of graduates: 180

Student speakers: Not yet determined

Student body officers: Jessica Burge, Pin Chen, Heather Siggard, Carly Jarrett, Matt Johnson.

Senior class officers: Camilla Olive, Nick Terry, Ryan Segdewick

Valedictorian, salutatorian: Not yet determined

Most memorable event: Excitement about the school's first year. Going to the state basketball tournament. The "Mr. Grizzly Pageant" - a spoof on a traditional beauty pageant.

Most discussed local or national news event: The Olympic torch run - a Copper Hills runner accompanied one of the torch carriers. The Oklahoma City bombing. Utah Centennial activities.

What fad, behavior or style of yours will your children find funny? Baggy pants. The second-hand clothing trend. Dyed hair. Tattoos.