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Mascot: Miners:

Location: South JordanDate of graduation: June 6

Theme of graduation: "Stand Strong, Dream High."

Number of graduates: 760

Senior class officers: Jake Ackerman, president; Kami Staples, vice president; Kelly Borich, secretary; Sharla Bailey, historian.

Student body officers: Frank Gilmore, president; Kerry Tait, vice president/assemblies; Lisa Bird, vice president/public relations; Scott Carter, vice president/finance; Patrick Svedin, vice president/records; Heather Hardy, vice president/ history.

Valedictorians: Stephanie Monroe, Stacy Jackman, Shauna Pearson, Benjamin Poulsen, Russel Reid, Kari Svedin and Rick Warne.

Student speakers: Jake Ackerman, Stephanie Monroe, Shauna Pearson and Alexander Speed.

Most memorable event or activity: Burning of the "B"

Most discussed local or national news events: O.J. Simpson trial, the "Friendship" fiasco at last year's West High graduation, Oklahoma City bombing and gay clubs in Salt Lake City.

What fad, style or behavior of yours will your children find funny? Cowboys and their buckles, "mosh" pits, shelf-cut haircuts, Rollerblades and RAP music.