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Mascot: Lion

Location: Salt Lake CountyDate of graduation: May 31

Theme of graduation: "Shaping Hearts to Serve."

Number of graduates: 29.

Student speakers: Amy Shogren, Katie Hill.

Student body officers: Katie Hill, Charity Lister, Chris Baker, Andrew Fuller.

Senior class officers: Eric Cartier, Eric Townsend, Jeff Vondelinde, Shawn Richard.

Valedictorian, salutatorian: Amy Shogren, Katie Hill.

Most memorable event: Class trip to Los Angeles for Disneyland, Magic Mountain, the beach and Dodgers' game.

Most discussed local or national news event: The August 1995 automobile accident in which two girls were killed and a third was injured by a teenage drunken driver. While none of those involved attended Intermountain Christian, the accident took place less than a mile from the school.

What fad, behavior or style of yours will your children find funny? "Star Wars" and Disney crazes.