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Location: Provo

Date of graduation: May 20Theme of graduation: "Forever Young"

Number of graduates: 34

Student speakers: Carrie Cloward, Jessica Loyato, Keri Thomas, Diana Trafny.

Most memorable school event or activity: By far the majority of graduates said the Christmas party at the school was the most memorable. However, graduate Tira Buckley said spring break was the most memorable time for her. "That's when I had my baby, and when you have a baby at Young Mothers, it's pretty memorable."

Most discussed local or national news event: Without question, the most important news event for the young mothers was the O.J. Simpson trial and verdict. Teresa S. said, "We all sat together in class waiting for the verdict." Jana Talbert said, "I thought he was guilty and it took a year to say he was innocent." Many graduates said, in conjunction with the Simpson trial, the issue of domestic violence was a hot topic.

What fad, behavior or style of yours will your children find funny? How we did our hair and the clothes we wore were the most common answers. But one young mom pointed out the way her peers dye their hair in bright colors is funny. Lynsie Buckley said, "Jelly shoes!" and Teresa S. said, "Some older fashions are coming back into style, so they'll think we were really old-fashioned!"