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Mascot: The Walking Roman Lancer

Location: LaytonDate of graduation: May 30

Theme of graduation: "The Class of 1996 is legendary."

Number of graduates: 451

Student speakers: Cindy Wilhelm, J.R. Hankins, Lisa Bowers and Kirstin Randall.

Student body officers: Matthew Meese, president; Matt Gibb, vice president; Joshua Jones, secretary, Jeffrey Knowlton, executive secretary; Marissa Memmott, historian; Tina Feller, publicity; Julie Winegar, activities; Nick Stephens, artist.

Senior class officers: Marty Schroader, president; Shannon Smith, vice president; Bryce Bennett, secretary, Rachel Morgan, cabinet; Chad King, cabinet; Preston Niederhauser, cabinet; Ashlee Russell, cabinet; and Emily Balmforth, cabinet.

Most memorable event: The Senior Cotillion dance and the week that preceded it. The dance was held at the state Capitol Jan.13 and was extra special because of the state centennial celebration.

What fad, behavior or style of yours will your children find funny? The styles of clothes we wear and all of the weird hairstyles.