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Mascot: Pioneers

Location: LehiDate of graduation: May 23

Theme of graduation: "Now Bid Me Run, And I Will Strive With Things Impossible" (from Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar").

Number of graduates: 285

Student speakers: Adam Hughes, Emily Gerber, Nicole Anderson and Scott Tucker.

Senior class officers: Adam Hughes, president; Amie Christofferson, vice president; and Shalana Allred, secretary.

Student body officers: Lance Magnusson, president; Adam Kolowich, vice president; Dawn Jex, secretary; Jeff Filimoehala, assemblies chairman; Jeff Pack, activities chairman; Sara Jacobsen, publicity chairman; Cyd Revill, business manager.

Most memorable event or activity: State championships in boys basketball and cross country. "This is just a year of states." - Tara Hill.

Most discussed local or national news event: The arrival and subsequent ups and downs of Micron Technologies Inc. "It was like, `Micron, wow!' " - Blain Wilkey.

What fad, behavior or style of yours will your children find funny? Clothing styles. "No kidding, the baggy pants really show off" a person's rear - Tara Hill.