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A juror in the Whitewater trial said Tuesday that President Clinton was "magnificent" in his videotaped testimony and that the guilty verdicts against Clinton's former business partners were based on overwhelming documentary evidence.

Colin Capp said he and the other jury members were convinced that Clinton had nothing to do with any of the illegal loans at the heart of the case and that they did not believe the testimony of star prosecution witness David Hale."President Clinton was magnificent in his presentation. He cleared up a lot of things for us. He just added to the lack of credibility that we had for David Hale," Capp told Reuters late on Tuesday.

He said the jurors considered Hale "an unmitigated liar".

The jury earlier Tuesday returned a string of guilty verdicts against James and Susan McDougal, who were Clinton's partners in the failed Whitewater real estate venture.

James McDougal was convicted on 18 of 19 counts, his former wife on all four against her.

Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker was also found guilty on two of seven counts of fraud for his role in an alleged $3 million conspiracy to defraud two federally insured financial institutions.

Tucker resigned hours after the verdict came in.