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Mascot: Titans

Location: Salt Lake CountyDate of graduation: June 3

Theme of graduation: "No Day Is Over If It Leaves a Memory"

Number of graduates: 420

Student speakers: Susan Stone, Courtnie Checkettes, Kelly McConkie, Jared Anderson.

Student body officers: Dave Broadbent, president; and Michelle Bagley, April Thornton, Ginger Judkins, Kate Harrington, Susan Stone, Alisha Beynon, Russ Bjorklund, Kelly Griffiths.

Senior class officers: Matthew Allred, president; Angela Knight, Andrea Stringham, senior coordinators.

Valedictorian, salutatorian: None.

Most memorable event: The student body's Christmas tree was stolen and later returned minus the ornaments.

Most discussed local or national news event: The question of allowing gay clubs in the high school.

What fad, behavior or style of yours will your children find funny? The soccer socks the Olympus high students wear make the students distinctive but will probably seem funny to their kids.