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Mascot: Bulldog

Location: ProvoDate of graduation: May 22

Theme of graduation: "A Celebration of Excellence"

Number of graduates: 380

Senior class officers: Kristen Kinateder, president; Jordan Knudsen, vice president; Millie Taylor, secretary.

Student body officers: Kivalu Uluave, president; Allison Austill, vice president of activities; Matt Dalebout, vice president of organizations; Joanna Brown, secretary; Ann Dee Knight, girls' president; Matt Low, boys' president; Angie Aston, school spirit; Audrey Bastian, assemblies chairwoman.

Student speakers: Laurel Hale, Ryan Heaton, Ann Dee Knight, Mary Huang.

Most memorable event or activity: Senior Week from April 22-27. "We had activities like roller skating, hiking to the `Y', drive-in movies, barbecues and lawn parties." - Kristen Kinateder, senior class president.

Most discussed local or national news event: "The Legislature banning gay clubs in public schools." - Kristen Kinateder

What fad, behavior or style of yours will your children find funny? "Boxer shorts showing above low-riding pants - even on girls." - Millie Taylor, senior class secretary