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Mascot: Wildcat

Location: Woods CrossDate of graduation: May 30

Theme of graduation: "Dare to dream. Dare to try. Dare to fail. Dare to succeed."

Number of graduates: 440

Student speakers: Kimberly Smith, Jacob Packard, Mark K. Morris.

Student body officers: Jacob Packard, president; Angie Creer, first vice-president; Kevin Mumford, second vice-president; Melissa Buchi, secretary; Amy Tanner, historian.

Senior class officers: Mark K. Morris, president; Heather Titensor, vice-president; S. Tyler Anderson, secretary.

Most memorable event: When student Clark Winegar ate a goldfish during the Mr. Wildcat assembly.

Most discussed local or national news event: The drug bust in early spring.

What fad, behavior or style of yours will your children find funny? White tank tops like the guys who are arrested on "Cops" wear. If you have a hole in your clothes, just duct-tape it. Nylon nooses around the neck. Socks up to the knees. Bleaching hair.