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It has become much more expensive to insure an auto in the state of Utah. It seems to me as a consumer that there are at least two reasons or excuses for this problem.

First, the insurance companies are telling us that rates are reflecting the poor roads. That is, the traffic burden greatly exceeds the roads capacity. This leads to more accidents and heavy losses for the insurance companies. Second, the willingness of the insurance companies to raise their rates. Maybe this first excuse has some merit, but I suspect there is some gouging going on.It would be better now if our state and the larger localities had not been reactive but instead more proactive. They of all people have a handle on the demo-graphics. The good economy and influx of jobs and people are great, but why have they not earmarked some of this windfall to expand the infrastructure including highway and street capacity? As we the taxpayers elect to not support improvements, we will still pay the same money out to much higher insurance rates, etc. This is ultimately very shortsighted.

As desirable as the year 2002 and the Olympics seems to us, it will also probably be a lever for either improvements that I have mentioned or it can become a boondoggle and switch badly needed funding to the big party Utah is going to throw for the rest of the world in about six years. I sincerely hope it will prove to be the former and not the latter.

F.A. Eldredge