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The "ministry for racial justice" claims we are bigots if we speak out against homosexuality. The ACLU purports that (semantically) homosexuality does not spread AIDS. One reader claims it is intolerant and illegal if we do not support homosexuality in public schools. And another reader tells us that we should accept homosexuality so fewer teens will commit suicide. These are falsehoods.

To set the record straight, it is not bigoted to speak out against an immoral, illegal and known destructive practice. Homosexuality only truly exists in the act itself and, since there is no "safe sex" (artificial inhibitors are not completely effective), homosexuality (i.e., the act) spreads AIDS. Homosexual acts are neither normal nor healthy, nor are blatant efforts to corrupt children. Telling teenagers to live with homosexuality will destroy them; teaching people to live without it will allow for true happiness.Homosexuality is not a stated gender you are born with (male, female - neutral). Like pedophilia and bestiality, it exists only in a warped sex act.

One opinion is that, since people who engage in homosexuality are otherwise good people, homosexuality must be good. The other extreme is that, since homosexuality is repulsive, so are those who have fallen prey to it. The correct view is to recognize that humans are children of God who - with proper help and desire - can overcome their failings. The act cannot be promoted or even accepted, but people should be supported in overcoming it. Christ loves us all but is pained when we destroy ourselves. He cannot save us when we choose to remain in our sins, but he offers his hand to free us from our failings.

Homosexuality is wrong. Those who engage in it will feel filthy and defiled. Those who support it will feel bitter and angry at God for not allowing this self-degradation. Both will be irritated at being reminded by myself and others of the danger of the act. However, people are worthwhile and deserving of true love and support. The power is within all children of God to overcome trials and weaknesses and attain the true joy of which they are worthy.

E. Mark Leany