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American Fork Hospital-

ADAMS, Jeane and James, Orem, boy, May 11.

ANDERSON, Marti and Paul, Orem, girl, May 10.

ANDREWS, Kimberlee and John, Murray, boy, May 15.

ASHBY, Laurie and Quinn, Orem, boy, May 10.

BOWCUT, Suanne and Carl, Cedar Hills, May 12.

DAWDY, Kimberly and Matthew, American Fork, girl, May 12.

DECKER, Cathy and Dennis, Orem, boy, May 12.

EVANS, Robin and John, Orem, boy, May 15.

FREEMAN, Kyle and Cynamon, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 8.

GLEAVE, Christine and Randy, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 10.

GROOM, Raquel and Richard, Provo, boy, May 15.

HICKMAN, Jolene and Richard, Orem, girl, May 13.

JACKSON, Leann and Michael, Alpine, boy, May 9.

KWAN TAM, Bik and WING, Kai, American Fork, boy, May 13.

LOVELAND, Kimberly and Eric, American Fork, boy, May 10.

MAJOR, Dawna and Gary, American Fork, boy, May 9.

McDONALD, Tracy and Randy, American Fork, girl, May 14.

MERRILL, Camille and Douglas, Pleasant Grove, girl, May 9.

MOELLER, Michelle and Keith, Highland, boy, May 10.

NEVILLS, Kendra and Eric, Orem, girl, May 15.

NEYMAN, Lisa and David, American Fork, boy, May 13.

PACK, Anona and Robert, Orem, boy, May 9.

PARR, Lori and William, Lehi, girl, May 15.

PETERSON, Starlet and Bret, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 10.

RIDDLE, Marcia and Mark, Orem, girl, May 9.

SCHMIDT, Linda and Robert, Highland, boy, May 14.

SEARGEANT, Jennifer and Robert, Provo, girl, May 15.

SNYDER, Denise and Roland, Alpine, girl, May 12.

SUDWEEKS, Jennifer and Ray, American Fork, girl, May 14.

TENGESDAL, Joan and Scott, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 15.

WARD, Amber and Joseph, Lehi, boy, May 12.

WHITTAKER, Marnie and Bryan, American Fork, boy, May 12.

WILLIAMS, Heather and Justin, Orem boy, May 9.

Mountain View Hospital-

BRADSHAW, Kerry and Kyle, Springville, boy, May 12.

BURRETT, Bill Jo, Payson, boy, May 16.

CARTER, Ginger, Payson, boy, May 13.

CLARK, Carrie and Dimetri, Provo, girl, May 18.

CLAROS, Cristina and Eddie, Orem, boy, May 13.

ERCANBACK, Stacy and Craig, Santaquin, boy, May 15.

GILSON, Michelle and Steven, Springville, girl, May 15.

HARROCKS, Shanna and Jeff, Cleveland, Emery County, boy, May 13.

LOSEE, Darla and Alvin, Spanish Fork, girl, May 15.

NELSON, Zelma and Josh, Provo, girl, May 16.

OLSEN, Shaleen and Bryan, Spanish Fork, girl, May 16.

ORAM, Nikki and Jason, Provo, girl, May 15.

OSWALD, Katherine and Les, American Fork, boy, May 14.

OTTLEY, Stacy and Scott, Provo, boy, May 13.

ROLLINS, Anne and Scott, Provo, boy, May 14.

TOLAND, Leeann and Joe, Pleasant Grove, girl, May 16.

WILKERSON, Annaley and Jason, Payson, girl, May 16.

WOOLEY, Stacie and Jeffrey, Orem, girl, May 16.

Orem Community Hospital-

ALLEN, Claudia and Roderick, Provo, boy, May 21.

ALMARAZ, Yadira and ROGERS, Scott, Provo, girl, May 23.

BARLOW, Laura and Andrew, Provo, boy, May 21.

HAWKINS, Lisa and Vance, Orem, girl, May 28.

JENSEN, Camille and Jason, Provo, girl, May 21.

KALLUNKI, Lisa and Matthew, Orem, boy, May 23.

MAHONEY, Janilyn and Jeron, South Jordan, boy, May 23.

MARTIN, Cheryl and Jerry, Provo, boy, May 22.

MONASMITH, Laurie and Brian, Springville, boy, May 23.

MOWEN, Erin and Jeffrey, Provo, boy, May 21.

PARKER, Cara and Chad, Orem, boy, May 28.

SLATER, Michelle, Pleasant Grove, girl, May 22.

SMOOT, Marcie and Alan, Lindon, boy, May 21.

SOUCY, Coleen and Denis, Orem, girl, May 25.

STEVENS, Suzanne and Robert, Orem, boy, May 21.

WINGER, Darci and ESPINOZA, Michael, Orem, girl, May 23.

WINKLER, Renee and Matt, Orem, girl, May 28.

ZENGER, Debra and Jarrold, Midway, girl, May 28.