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Your editorial page cartoon in the May 22 edition is disturbing and irresponsible. The implication is that Prince Charles might be interested in "knocking off" his wife and getting away with it, as did a grinning O.J. Simpson.

The only accurate social commentary one receives from such a cartoon (on a day when the news was full of violence against women and girls) is that the editorial staff of the Deseret News is either highly insensitive or sound asleep at press time.Our era is one of unprecedented violence against women. Any suggestion that such violence is funny or clever is simply unconscionable.

Anyone who is a woman, who cares about a woman, or who has a daughter or granddaughter, must have shuddered and wondered why we cannot expect better judgment from the Deseret News. There are some topics that should not be fodder for the cartoon mill.

Dawn B. Brimley