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Boy's condition makes victory `bittersweet'

Jazz forward Karl Malone took a detour on his way to the locker room following the Jazz's 118-83 rout of Seattle, Thursday night. It was a stop he'd been wanting to make.

Malone and his wife, Kay, befriended Danny Ewing, 13, of Salt Lake about two years ago. Ewing, who has cancer, is only expected to live a short time. But he was there in a wheelchair by the Jazz locker room, Thursday, wearing his No. 32 Jazz jersey. Malone walked over to Ewing, crouched down, and spoke softly for a few moments. As his wife cried quietly nearby, and Malone blinked back tears, then pulled off his own jersey and gave it to Ewing.

"Karl told me that from this day forward, he dedicates the games to Danny," said Malone's wife, Kay.

Malone, who finished with 32 points and 10 rebounds, called it "a sort of bittersweet victory."

"People touch your life," said Malone. "I have a friend who's not doing well, so this game was for him."

Added Malone, "Excuse me for not showing much emotion (over the win). But things like that put life into perspective sometimes."

- Brad Rock

Signs of the times

Sarcasm in Utah: The Jazz crowd Thursday made the Delta Center sound like the old Chicago Stadium, and fans brought several hundred handmade posters. A sampling:

- Newsflash! Jazz perform Heimlech! Sonics choke again! (This held by an Elvis impersonator, no less.)

- Hey Sonics. Got any Chicago tickets you want to sell?

- Schrempf was just an appetizer.

- Brickowski is Polish for Sonics blow a 3-1 lead to Utah.

- The Hindenberg, Titanic, Buffalo Bills and now the Sonics.

- Hey Seattle, this ain't Chicago.