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Christopher Penney and Jennifer Wozniak were planning to go to Utah, but their car went without them.

They stopped at a convenience store Monday morning to get gas for the drive to Moab and went inside to pay.When they returned, the car was gone.

Monday afternoon, Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Dan Kelley spotted a car passing other vehicles. He tried to stop the driver, and a 25-mile chase at up to 120 mph ensued.

The stolen car flipped end over end six times before the driver was ejected at Wellington, Carbon County. The South Jordan man was flown to a Salt Lake hospital with a broken pelvis.

Prosecutors are considering charges of felony fleeing, receiving stolen property, car theft and other counts, Kelley said.

Grand Junction Police Sgt. Dave Stassen said it was the first case he knows of a car being stolen here while the driver was paying for gas.