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The City Council responded to Mayor Elaine Redd's allegations of secret meetings and an illegal form of government Thursday with an eight-page statement.

The statement, prepared in part by each of the five-member council, included a seven-page opinion from City Attorney Mike Mazuran addressed to Redd. Redd asked for the opinion two weeks ago after going public with assertions that the council shut her out of meetings, convened secretly and changed to an illegal form of council-manager government in 1989, without a public vote.In its statement, the council denied all wrongdoing and announced that "the mayor has repeatedly threatened the present city manager . . . with his job and has stated that she would get rid of him one way or another."

Mazuran concluded "The Draper City Council has authority under law to adopt and has in fact adopted a manager form of government."

Mazuran added that the council "has authority under law to delegate to the city manager those duties and functions determined by the City Council, provided that such delegation does not include the legislative and judicial powers of the mayor, the mayor's position as chairman of the governing body and any ex officio positions the mayor may hold."

Members of the City Council were unavailable for comment at press time.