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I would like to comment on the animal-cruelty bill. This bill abrogates the freedoms and rights of everyone, not just chicken fighters. Make no mistake about it. Killing or poisoning rats and house mice is now a Class A misdemeanor. The proponents say nobody will be prosecuted for this. Then why is it in the bill? Are they advocating that we break Utah law? We would be well advised to remember that the Humane Society wanted to prosecute a man back East for killing a rat.

Make no mistake about it. If your dog or cat gets hit by a car and is unrecoverable, you have to have a veterinarian and two witnesses agree before you can stop the suffering of the animal.An animal-cruelty bill is important in the state of Utah, a bill that applies to everyone equally and does not favor only special-interest groups. An animal-cruelty bill deserves better treatment than the current flawed bill that was pushed too rapidly through the special legislative session.

A good comprehensive bill should be drafted by all parties concerned. The people involved with animals in any aspect in the state of Utah, the Humane Society, veterinarians, psychologists, law enforcement and all other groups with a vested interest should sit down together and do this right.

Larry Bain

Utah Gamefowl Breeders Association, Centerville