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The root cause for contention in the Mideast is disagreement over the right to occupy land in Palestine. Extremists on both sides claim rights to the same property. Who actually holds those rights and how it is to be determined and enforced are the major questions to be answered.

The United Nations' organization has made such determinations, and resolutions have been adopted and should be accepted because there is no other authority better qualified for this purpose, and both sides should accept and live by those resolutions.Terrorism can be stopped by a major change in policy toward the Mideast by the United States. An entirely new course must be taken, and I suggest the following:

The president of the United States should declare openly and with much publicity, that the United States will no longer be one-sided in support of nations warring against each other unless such aid is approved by the United Nations. Israel will no longer receive $3 billion in U.S. aid each year to spend for land expansion goals in the Mideast. If the Israelis and the Palestinians will abide by the U.S. resolutions, and Israel will return lands taken from the Palestinians, the Syrians and the Lebanese, the United States will divide the $3 billion of annual aid now given to Israel between all four nations, giving less to Israel than to any other because of damage inflicted upon the others by Israel. If any nation pursues violence against any of the others, aid to that nation will be withheld and divided among the others.

Arthur B. Erekson