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Using a circular saw, West Valley police cut into a brick wall in a bank parking lot Friday and recovered several pieces of jewelry believed to have been taken from murder victim Margo Bond.

Roberto Arguelles, who recently confessed to killing Bond along with three girls, told West Valley police detective Tracy Cowley that he hid the items four years ago inside a wall being constructed at the First Security Bank at Brickyard Plaza, 1255 E. 3100 South.With that confession, police headed to the bank and found what they were looking for. Arguelles was on parole at the time he allegedly tossed the 42-year-old woman's jewelry into the wall that was being repaired.

"They were in the same location he told us they would be when we brought him out here from the prison on Monday," Cowley said. "It pretty much corroborates his confession he gave me earlier. . . . It seems like the icing on the cake."

Cowley said police found items they think are components of rings but declined further comment. Cowley said he will now compare the pieces taken from the brick wall to enlarged photographs of Bond's jewelry.

Officials spent about four hours cutting into the brick to recover the physical evidence, Cowley said.

Bond's body was found in a shallow grave in Tooele County four months after she disappeared in 1992.

A month after Bond's disappearance, 13-year-old Stephanie Blun-dell of Kearns disappeared while on her way to catch a bus for school. Her remains were unearthed last weekend from a grave in American Fork Canyon after Arguelles led investigators to the site.

Then, on March 30, 1992, two young friends - Lisa Vicky Martinez, 16, and 15-year-old Tuesday Malisa Roberts - disappeared after telling their parents they were going to a mall. Arguelles led investigators to their remains last July in a ditch on a pig farm owned by his stepfather.

Arguelles is serving consecutive nine-year-to-life sentences for molesting a brother and sister, ages 11 and 8, behind a school in December 1992 and had previously served 11 years for attempted murder and aggravated sexual assault for raping two teenage girls.

He was charged Monday with four counts of aggravated murder.