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Homeowners seeking information on caring for their decks, fences, siding and other exterior woods can find it for free with a phone call or through the Internet.

The Flood Company, a maker of care products for exterior wood, has introduced an all-new, 20-page Wood Care Guide. The booklet, now available free to consumers, spells out a comprehensive approach to protecting, cleaning and restoring wood. Consumers can order a copy of the publication by calling 800-321-3444 or by visiting Flood's Internet Web site at ("Decks and fences represent substantial investments of time and money," said Cecil Given, vice president of marketing for Flood.

Given notes that consumers using the Internet can e-mail their questions to Flood and get answers from technical service representatives within 24 hours.

Flood's primary message is that exterior wood, regardless of its age, needs maintenance and protection to keep it looking naturally beautiful. To help consumers do that, the new guide details Flood's Wood Care Process, a four-step system guaranteed to protect wood from the damaging effects of rain and sun, which cause cracking, fading, splitting and warping.

For more information call The Flood Company, 800-321-3444 (TTY calls: 800-356-6346, ext. 322), or write Wood Care Guide, P.O. Box 2535, Hudson, OH 44236-0035.