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For a number of years, the people of this planet have contributed to the air pollution problem. Scientific research shows us that this air pollution eventually turns into acid rain, which then proceeds to destroy our delicate ecosystems. This problem is getting bigger and bigger and is doing more and more damage. We should definitely start doing things to improve our air quality; like car pooling, using chemical-free products and driving more efficient cars.

It is my opinion that people in general do not care about the state of the Earth enough to stop a big problem like acid rain. I believe this because, first, people are the basic cause of this pollution and most of them don't do anything to stop or help stop this pollution.People could make such a difference if they only made a few small changes. If more people would walk or ride a bus instead of driving all of the time, there would be less congestion and it would be better for their health; but most people don't do that because it isn't always the easiest thing to do. There is supposed to be a law that requires that a car's emission be tested annually, but it hardly seems to be enforced, because I see so many cars on the street and in my neighborhood that are puffing out black smoke.

Many people like to argue that humans are the highest priority and that if a few animals die along the way of human evolution, then so be it. Well, if we as a planet destroy the ecosystems, we will destroy ourselves, because pollution is not only killing animals, but it is killing humans, also.

Allison Olsen