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When will the American taxpayers recognize the truth about the humiliating collapse of academic standards in our learning institutions? How much more erosion does it take for states and communities to wake up and take action against this downhill trend?

It is the one and only mission for any institution of learning to raise our civilization to a higher level of knowledge and character, which of course starts with reading, spelling, writing and mathematics. Hence the wondrous world of literature, geography, music, history, languages, etc.Teachers once were looked upon as role models and character-builders. (No doubt, some still are, and others would like to be). But what is the major concern of academic curriculum now? Sex education, homosexual and lesbian studies, gay clubs, the use of condoms and birth control pills, multiculturalism, God is irrelevant, big business is ruining the environment, society rather than the individual is responsible for crime, the right to kill an unborn child is justified, the American Constitution is old-fashioned and outdated, and so on, and on, and on.

No question, our young people are getting a lot of information hammered into their heads, but alas, they remain empty-headed.

Carla Sanson

Salt Lake City