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Among International airports, those at Manchester, Changi in Singapore and Schiphol in Amsterdam were the most highly rated in a recent survey of on-the-ground service in 1995. In the survey, by the Geneva-based International Air Transport Association, the Orlando and Sydney airports followed while several of the world's busiest airports, including Kennedy Airport in New York and Orly in Paris were among the least satisfactory. Narita, which serves Tokyo and handles 21.5 million passengers a year, and the Athens airport, which handles 6.7 million passengers, received the lowest ratings.

The survey, published in the association's annual Airport Monitor, bases its findings on the opinions of more than 45,000 passengers who used the airports' facilities.Schiphol near Amsterdam, Gatwick near London and the Singapore airport were highly regarded for their ground transportation to and from the city and for their shopping facilities. Greater Cincinnati International Airport, which opened an international terminal in December 1994, and Montreal Mirabel Airport, scored higher ratings than in the past. Cincinnati placed 9th, Montreal 10th.