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A week or so ago, I watched on C-Span the House of Representatives conduct what is called Special Orders, a time in which members are able to give a five-minute speech on a topic of their choosing. I was impressed by what a congressman from California had to say about the ammunition supply available to the U.S. Marines. He quoted from a GAO report that indicated that there is not enough ammunition for the Marines to conduct operations in both the Far East and in the Middle East.

I mentioned this to Sen. Hatch at the Salt Lake County Republican Convention. He confirmed this. Our supplies are below pre-World War II levels. I have sons serving in both the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marines as well as a son-in-law in the U.S. Army.The president has claimed to do things that are bringing the budget into balance. I guess ammunition is not on his list of priorities. I don't think I will vote for Mr. Clinton this year.

R. Dale Walker