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Michael Irvin, the Dallas Cowboys star under felony indictment, bought cocaine before and after the charges stemming from a motel raid where drugs were seized, according to a broadcast report.

Fort Worth television station KXAS reported Sunday night that Irvin paid $100 for drugs two days before his April 1 felony indictment in connection with seizure of cocaine and marijuana at the Irving motel room.Another drug buy two weeks later was also detailed in the report, accompanied by a videotape clandestinely placed in the back seat of a vehicle in which Irvin was riding.

The attorney representing Irvin in the trial due to begin June 24 denied the allegations, saying a thorough statement would be issued today. The TV station also said it would have more details of its investigation.

A prosecutor said Sunday that his office may subpoena videotapes from the television station.

"We'll look into this," First Assistant District Attorney Norman Kinne told The Dallas Morning News. "This kind of show is making it more and more difficult for Mr. Irvin to get a fair trial in Dallas."