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A 2nd District lawsuit stemming from a dispute over a proposed garbage transfer site seeks removal of all three Weber County commissioners and county attorney Mark DeCaria.

Charles Eddy, a commission candidate, was joined by residents Don Judkins, Elmer Penman and Jack Simpson in filing the suit. The complaint lists as defendants DeCaria and commissioners Bruce Anderson, Joe Ritchie and Spencer Stokes.Eddy said he filed the suit to stop the county from building a trash transfer station near the Ogden Commercial & Industrial Park.

All three commissioners said Eddy, who is running as an Independent-Patriot candidate for Stokes' commission seat, is using his suit as a political tool.

Eddy denies the allegation.

"I almost think it's funny," Anderson said. "I really think it will damage Chuck Eddy the most. To me, that's not the kind of person we want running county government, who goes around suing everybody for frivolous things."

At issue is the $7 million transfer station, which commissioners are planning to build immediately south of the industrial park.

Under federal environmental rules, the county has until Oct. 8 to close its West Ogden landfill.

To handle garbage disposal after that, commissioners propose to collect garbage at the transfer station and ship it by rail to a landfill in Carbon County.

They approved a contract with ECDC Environmental in February to haul the garbage to the Carbon County landfill.

Eddy said he is pushing for Weber, Davis, Box Elder, Morgan and Cache counties to establish a regional landfill.

He said the ECDC contract will cost the county more than taking trash to the Davis County burn plant and landfill.

The suit says county officials misinformed taxpayers with talk of the October deadline, because they know the Environmental Protection Agency will allow extensions.

The complaint charges that county officials have a conflict of interest because they have accepted campaign contributions from people or organizations related to ECDC.

The suit also contends the county has wasted money paying for trips to transfer station sites in other states, with the goal of gaining support for the local proposal.

Stokes said he accepted a contribution from ECDC during his last campaign, but that had nothing to do with the company getting a contract with the county.