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Around the world

IRAQ OIL: With gasoline prices emerging as an election year issue in the United States, Iraq and the United Nations resume talks this week on whether to allow Baghdad to sell some of its oil. Opening the Iraqi oil taps, shut down by a U.N. trade embargo in 1990, would immediately reduce crude prices worldwide and enable Iraq to buy food for its people. Iraq's official news agency Sunday quoted Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz as saying the Iraqi delegation would attend the fourth round of "oil-for-food" talks starting Monday in New York.HOSPITALS: Hospital patients in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in Russia's Far East already had to supply their own medicine, bandages, syringes and bed linens. Now they have to provide their own suppers too. Cash-poor hospitals in Komsomolsk-on-Amur canceled supper, effective Monday, and switched their more than 1,000 patients over to two meals a day.

ALGERIA: A hostage standoff ended Monday with a clash on the outskirts of Algiers that killed at least four Muslim militants and a member of the government security force. The standoff began Saturday night, when nine Islamic militants barricaded themselves in an apartment building with an unknown number of hostages and began firing machine guns at officials outside. Five people were killed in a clash overnight Sunday. Some of the militants may be the same ones suspected in Saturday's assassination of former Interior Minister Mohamed Hardi.

CHIAPAS: Mexico's imprisonment of an alleged rebel leader accused of terrorism imperils peace talks with the Chiapas rebels, the military leader of the uprising says. Legislative mediators agreed with Subcomandante Marcos that the threat to the peace talks was serious, and returned to Mexico City ready to work to free the imprisoned man. A federal judge on Thursday sentenced journalist Javier Elorriaga to 13 years in prison on charges of terrorism, rebellion and conspiracy.

Across the nation

DISTURBANCE: Fights broke out amid revelers who jammed Denver's streets for Cinco de Mayo, and some threw rocks and bottles at police officers wearing riot gear, authorities said. At least 75 people were arrested. "They just started getting out of cars and jumping on other cars and there were fights among each other," said Sgt. Mark Lewis. "It just escalated from there." Hundreds of people celebrated the Mexican holiday by driving along Federal Boulevard and other main thoroughfares. After the disturbance began Sunday night, police closed 42 blocks as they tried to break through the traffic jams and investigate reports of gunfire, reckless driving and Molotov cocktails.

NAKED MAN: After commuter train crew members suspected they ran over a body, they made an emergency stop in Darien, Conn., and found a naked man on the tracks who was not only alive, but very angry. The man, who was lying in the space between the two rails, attacked three Metro-North crew members who checked to see if he was alive early Sunday, police said. The man then ran into nearby woods and the three crew members were treated for scratches, bites and bruises. Artay Drinks, 23, of Bridgeport, was captured about an hour later and booked on assault and trespassing charges. He was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.