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June sends the troops outdoors, where the ancient practice of standing around a fire roasting food is elevated to a fine art. In other words - clean off and fire up the barbecue grill. And . . .

We want your recipes! Send us those for your favorite grilled thrills - whether they be vegetables, meats - whatever . . . the foods that you like to grill in the good old summertime (or after shoveling snow from the patio).Send your GRILLED FOOD recipes to:



P.O. Box 1257

Salt Lake City, UT 84110

Follow these rules and you may be the fortunate one who is awarded a grand $10 (if your recipe is selected).

1. Submit one recipe per sheet of paper (no smaller than 8 by 10, please); limit three recipes per household.

2. Deadline for entries to be considered is Monday, May 20.

3. If duplicate recipes are received, the earliest postmark prevails.

4. Recipes chosen for publication will appear in the Deseret News Food Extra June 4, 1996.

5. Please include the following information along with your recipe: Your name, address, phone number, number of servings from the recipe, cost of completed dish and specific cooking instructions.

Thanks to all who shared salad recipes for our May Recipe Exchange:

Lois Clark, Terri M. Bender, Diane Burton, Barbara Grundvig, Pat K. Graham, Stephanie Blackburn, Sheri Thompson, Tessa Hauglid, Norma Richardson, Mimi Price, Bessie B. Russell, Rae Hunsaker, Diana Richards, Alice H. Gorringe, Joy Sorensen, Donna Carper, Naone Warren, Marcia Ellis, Jeanne D. Hill, Marian Smith, Jeri Beeston, Ruth Porter, Norma Bateman, Ellen Koucos, Tiffany Thomson, Connie Thomson, Laurette Mortensen, Brigitte Maddox.