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In an election with the highest voter turnout for a University of Utah student-body election in years, Jeff Casper and Heather For-tuna of the "Get Real" party were victorious by 231 votes.

They defeated Mike Hinckley and Alissa Redd of the "Run With the Dogs" party in an election where 2,256 students voted Wednesday and Thursday. The turnout marks a 250 percent increase over last year's election but still constitutes less than 10 percent of the total student body.Casper and Fortuna ran on a platform advocating keeping tuition low, abolishing fees for graduation audits and career planning services, and spoke out in opposition to the "Virtual University," Gov. Mike Leavitt's plan to begin teaching classes via the Internet and other technology.

The final numbers showed Casper and Fortuna getting 1,187 votes, Hinckley and Redd with 956 votes.