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Most people who understand how partial-birth abortions are performed know and will admit that this is a technically legal practice of infanticide. President Clinton's veto of a bill banning partial birth or late-term abortions gives us just cause to rethink the entire practice of abortion.

Those who advocate any kind of elective abortion can only justify the practice by misnaming it as a freedom of choice issue and by intentionally brushing aside the blatant fact that abortion deals with human life and human death. A number of fairly recent developments have shed new light on the dark practice of abortion and make it virtually impossible for thinking people to continue believing the abortionist's feeble arguments."Partial-birth abortion" has only rarely been described in detail because it is so brutal as to leave all but the most cold-blooded abortionists sickened. Honest people cannot listen to how this act is carried out without knowing that a living human being has been killed. Absolutely the only defense that abortion advocates offer for this ghastly practice is that, with Clinton's veto, "`it is still legal."

The recent developments show that each unborn child is a unique, one-time creation; that aborted girls have the spark of life within their little bodies sufficient to pass life on to another; unborn babies are valuable for the living tissue that they can donate to science; and it is patently clear that late-term abortions are the taking of human life. How can defenders of abortion continue to recite their tired and treacherous argument with a straight face? Furthermore, since it is it sanctity of life issue and not a freedom of choice issue, please explain to me how we who care about the innocent unborn can idly tolerate these nonsensical and false arguments as if they had any merit at all.

Since Clinton is apparently way out of the mainstream in his position on partial-birth abortions, our representatives should do what is right and muster the courage to override his veto.

L.D. Carter

West Valley