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Richfield's Independence Day celebrations have apparently found firm footing after some concern about the event's success and future. A major concessions change at the city park has been approved by the City Council.

The action followed a recommendation by the non-profit Independence Day Inc. to allow commercial business to rent space for booths at the city park. The booths have been operated by civic groups in the past, but their enthusiasm for that responsibility has been fading.Nonprofit groups will still get first choice of food, craft and game concessions. But the lack of interest prompted officials to come up with an alternate plan to assure continuance of the celebration's activities, according to Jack Peterson, Independence Day Inc. president.

Nonprofit organizations and businesses will be limited to serving one food item and will pay a set fee for booth space instead of paying 20 percent of the gross. Fees have been set at $150 for food booths, $100 for crafts and $50 for games.

Independence Day Inc. committee members will center their efforts on other phases of the celebration where more emphasis should be placed, Peterson said.