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Construction is under way in Richfield for a transitional housing program for southern Utah victims of domestic violence.

Most of the $344,210 cost of the New Horizons Crisis Center program was obtained from the federal government. The money is authorized by the Housing and Community Development Act and administered through the Utah Division of Community Development as a block grant.A donation of $18,000 was also received from two commercial banks.

The bank grant was advanced through a partnership between First Security Bank of Utah and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle. The Seattle bank awarded the $18,000 to First Security Bank and it was then passed on to help fund the program.

The Richfield City Council requested release of the federal money in November after the project was approved by the planning commission. Richfield City Administrator Woody Farnsworth is serving as the local certifying official.

A four-plex housing unit is being built at 145 E. 100 North in Richfield. It will be used by New Horizons clients during their rehabilitation.

The two-bedroom units will provide housing for women and children who have suffered abuse and need the protection of shelters. Women earning less than $13,880 per year are eligible for the housing benefit.

Officials said the housing will provide residents with the opportunity to obtain better education and job skills. The ultimate goal is to help them become self-sufficient.