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An Alaska jury convicted a Payson man last week of wasting wildlife and transporting antlers out of the field. His partner on a caribou hunting expedition last year pleaded no contest to similar charges in April.

According to Alaska Fish and Wildlife officials, Brad Turner and Rusty Campbell shot four large bull caribou on Sept. 2, 1995 near Crescent Lake, about 60 miles northeast of Dillingham. The two transported the antlers out, but left most of the meat to spoil.Turner was convicted May 2 of two counts of wanton waste of a big game animal and two counts of transporting antlers before all edible meat was transported. He was sentenced to 70 days in jail and fined $7,000. He also must complete 320 hours of community service and was placed on five years probation. He can't hunt in Alaska for 10 years, and the Alaska Fish and Wildlife confiscated his hunting equipment.

Campbell pleaded no contest to two counts of transporting antlers out of the field before all edible meat had been removed. He also was fined $2,500 and cannot hunt in Alaska for five years.